Sunday, 11 August 2013


Hey guys , this blog is basically created to act as a "Conference Room" to discuss the latest trends about "Technology". As you all are aware that some of us are better in the field of Android or Programming,
similarly some of us excel in Cyber Hacking and various other fields. So we could use this blog to generalize
our knowledge..eventually learning new things and also sharing stuff if  we come across something new.

This blog can also serve as a medium to share your different completed assignments. As "Facebook" is banned in the college WiFi network most of you maybe having a problem logging on. Thus this blog can come to your aid and help u get the latest completed assignments.

So to post any new item on this blog you all can send us a mail. We will upload it and also give u the credits do not worry

You can mail us at
Mukul Dang           <>
Saurabh Birari         <>
Prasad Bhagwat     <>
Venkatesh Lokare  <>

Hope we get your response soon ..cheers..

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